Welcome to Balanced Hysteria! A single woman’s journey to balancing life, parenting, and relationships.  My name is Victoria and I am a single mother of my own two children and also help take care of their sisters, whom I consider to be my own.  I am currently working on figuring out which way is up in life all while working two jobs, finding time for self-care and struggling to maintain some sort of balance.  Join me on this journey, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll relate, possibly make new relationships and hopefully we’ll find the balance in the midst of all the hysteria!!”

Thank You so much to everyone that has visited, subscribed to, and shared Balanced Hysteria. I am still working on the comment section and the errors with that. I am so amazed and honored by all of the loved and support that has been shown. I am excited about the journey ahead! Thank You.


Some of the posts on Balanced Hysteria will contain links to my favorite things, including other sites and blogs. I may even post links to products I purchase or apps that I use.  I also talk about a lot about my battle with depression and anxiety.  I am not a medical professional so please consult your physician before trying anything I talk about.  Last but not least any information that you share with me via email, contact forms, or on social media will stay between us.  I will not knowingly or willingly give out any information without permission.  Thank you so much for viewing my site.  Now Click on the Blog Link and join me in my journey.