I know I haven’t posted is a week or more. In my last post Mom Down I told y’all I was suffering from some sort of illness. Turned out to be one of the top 10 illnesses of my life. I don’t get sick often most of the time I ignore when I’m sick.

Sunday I gave up the fight. I couldn’t take the pain, congestion and nausea any longer, and I went to the clinic. Let’s take a moment to thank the CVS Gods that came up with the Minute Clinic. I drove myself down to the clinic and got a diagnosis. 

Severe sinus and Ear infection and probably strep throat, but do to my throats being so swollen she didn’t put me through the test.  I have my antibiotics and Tylenol, and I’m slowly bouncing back. If I could get the feeling of having water in my nose to go away I think I will be 100% again. 

Stick with me another day or so and I’ll get back to posting regularly. My head has been so congested I don’t think I have had a writable thought in a week.