I have no idea what viral bacteria streptococcus mess has made its way through this house but I’m over it. I’ve physically been down and out for the past three days… I think. I’ve lost track of it. Today I guess I have to push through and start trying to act like I feel better. 

Single mom survivor kit (Cold and Flu edition) 

  1. Lysol (Spray and Wipes) 
  2. Tylenol Cold and Flu (Day and Night) 
  3. Light Jacket
  4. Lots of Water

I promise those four things have been a life saver. It’s literally 80 degrees and I have on a jacket due to the 102 fever. The Tylenol cold and flu has a wonderful taste for when you can’t swallow so it takes two or three tries to get the pills down. The water is obvious, a hydrated mom is a happy mom! Lysol is obvious too gotta get rid of whatever it is. 

With all that being said Let me get up and wash these sheets, bleach and Lysol the bathroom and get back to being super mom. 

Stay Healthy