Tonight is the perfect night to have a movie night! It’s pouring down rain and we are all under the weather. So here is our favorite family movies!

Momma’s Favorite: 

  1. Beauty and the Beast – I loved the cartoon version and the latest version is just as good. My peanut and I saw it the first weekend it came out. 
  2. Lion King– Let’s face it Lion King is a classic. I know all the words and nobody knows sadness and triumph like Simba. 
  3. Harry Potter– I love me some Harry Potter. I have seen them all and still have every book. I have watched them all several times. I can’t get my kids into them. 😭
  4. Land Before Time– I am sure I’m showing my age here but Little Foot and Duckie have a special place in my heart. 
  5. Frozen- I only love Frozen for Olaf. I like “Let it Go” but “Summer” is so cute and Olaf is great. Who doesn’t love a snowman!? 

Peanuts Favorites ( As explained by her)

  1. Frozen- It’s fun to watch. The Ice is pretty. Elsa is the best.
  2. Moana- It’s a fun movie. Moana saved her village and Maui is funny.
  3. Beauty and the Beast- Belle saved her daddy. Chip and his momma were funny. The Beast was mean but Belle made him be nice.

Dj’s Favorite Movies (Grunted out by him in a very annoyed fashion)

  1. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children- It’s kinda scary, but the kids have  different powers.
  2. Lego Batman- Batman is grumpy and a loaner. Robin was funny.
  3. Secret life of pets- It has talking animals. Snowball was my favorite. He was tough and funny. 

On our movie day we have watched Moana, Miss. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and Secret Life of Pets. These are our favorites although I enjoy watching all movies. There is few things better for a rainy sick day than a good movie. What are some of your favorites? 


Collage made with PicsArt all images found on Google.