Friday’s are my busy day. I work both jobs and the first job is always crazy busy. So this is going to be a pretty short post. 

Usually Friday feels like Monday. At 10 a.m I was ready to eat my string cheese only to realize that I had already eaten it and couldn’t remember. Yeah! That’s how scatterbrained I was today. Contractors calling and property managers sending out orders for us (security) keeps me moving, multitasking and sometimes exhausted. 

Just as I was headed to the second job my step mom sends me a text and a picture that reads “Do you think Peanut meant Shirt!?” 

My six year old who is obsessed with MattyB decided to add to the grocery list and write “Matty B Shit.” Oh EM Gee I had to pull over. When I face timed her, Peanut was all hysterical. “Mommy Mommy I didn’t mean to write a bad word. I promise mommy I don’t wanna be in trouble!” All I could was laugh. 

These kids mean the world to me and all the frustration and chaos of the day melts away during moments like these. She was so upset but she tickled my soul. A little balance to the Hysteria. 


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