I’m drawing a blank on what to write today! It’s Monday, it’s gray and dreary out, and my brain is functioning on about 10% right now. I’ve been running around all day at work and been to urgent care with my Peanut and I’m in sleep mode.  So I shall give you 10 fun, maybe not so fun, but facts about me. 

  1. I’m the oldest and the only child– My mom and dad split by the time I was three or so maybe before. My mom remarried and two more girls, they are 10 and 11 years younger than me, but my dad realized I was the perfect child already and I’m his only child! 
  2. I’m highly addicted to the world of Essential Oils-  I recently threw myself into learning about natural healing and ways to improve health without choking pills down. I am just eager to learn all I can about essential oils and natural healing.
  3. Music is life- I love music with a passion. Everything from Jazz to Rap, Country to Rock and Roll, R&B to Pop, you name it there is probably a song I love and vibe out to. I must admit though 90’s R&B is my favorite.
  4. I’m a classically trained Car Performer- Ok ok maybe not classically trained but I love singing at the top of my lungs and dancing in my car. I don’t care who is looking! There is something about a car that makes me feel like I sound just like Adele or Beyoncé. My car is my safe space I’m completely oblivious to the audience of passerbys that can see me. It takes so much stress away to be able to belt out a good song in the car.
  5. I love movies- I would be great in a movie critic career. I didn’t have cable until I moved back home, we had wifi and Netflix. Before that I had a large collection of dvd’s. Old, new, comedy, and action I love them all. Horror is my favorite and my Pooh (17year old step daughter) has developed the love of horror too! Cuddling up with a bucket of popcorn and a good movie is the best. 
  6. I’m really good at cooking but kinda hate it- I’m really good at throwing down in the kitchen. My exes mother taught me a lot and Joyce Ann’s kitchen is THE go to spot for all holiday meals and Sunday dinners. I do trial and error quite often which often works in my favor. I just really have to be in the mood to cook. If I’m not it’s usually a spaghetti or hamburger helper night around the house. 
  7. I’m a college dropout- In 2005 I went to college for about six months. I went to class about two of those months. I wanted to be a paralegal, loved the research that came with it but the thought of speaking in open court terrified me. I left home everyday acting like I was going to school but usually hung out in my friends dorm. 
  8. I love dogs- I am a huge dog lover, big, small, teacup, and over grown, I LOVE DOGS. If I could live on a farm with dogs and goats I would. I have a soft spot for Pit Bulls because they are such lovers with a bad rep. One of my bucket list items is to work at Villalobos with Tia and her crew even if just for a day. 
  9. I’m really interested in Feng Shui- I believe in energy and that everything gives off an energy that can positively or negatively influence you. So I’ve begun studying Feng Shui and trying to incorporate it in my everyday life. I would love to learn more if anyone would like to email me or teach me.
  10. I love hockey- I love hockey. I don’t like to sit and watch it on TV because I can’t concentrate on it, but I love to go and watch games. We recently took my kids to a game and my son loved it. He wants to play and that makes me a very happy happy mom! 

Well, that’s all I got. It was really hard coming up with 10 facts. I’m just not all here today. 😣 I gave up on racking my brain for really great facts sometime between being trapped in a rainstorm and finding out my Peanut has another ear infection. I would love to learn more about you all. Please leave comments or emails. 


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