Today while surfing the pages and statuses of Facebook I came across my favorite page “Single Dad Laughing.” This is my go to page for all things parenting meme’s and funny meme’s. Well while on there I came across this Meme: 

Picture found on Single Dad Laughing Page on Facebook

Sometimes we find these quotes and memes on the internet that just speak to your soul. This was what happened today. After spending the day yesterday mad about a petty argument with my sister and speaking with my friend about wanting to focus on growth and change in my life, I figured the powers that be wanted me to see this. 

My eyes are telling me to focus on the bigger picture, literally and figuratively. Stop giving my time and energy to the smallest things.  I’ve spent the better half of my adult life stressing and having anxiety over the pettiest of issues and details when I need to focus on the important things. It’s just funny something as random as a Facebook quote can remind you that your vision is blurred for a reason. 


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