Tonight I relax! The kids are out at a hockey game with my parents and I got off early. These nights are few and far between. I haven’t had an hour to myself in months. I’m either at work or running around for the kids. Tonight I have a few hours. So I shall partake in a few drinks and a binge session of Salem on Netflix.

 As a single mom I often feel bad about wanting time away or a moment to myself. I don’t know why,  I just do. However, I needed it tonight. I think we mothers, single or not, forget to take a moment for ourselves and we burn out. The bags and dark circles become permanent and exhaustion becomes a nagging pain in the rear. 

I’m here tonight to let y’all know IT IS OK TO SEND THE KIDS TO BED EARLY, HIRE A BABY SITTER OR SEND THEM TO THE GRANDPARENTS. It’s ok to get a moment of peace to yourself. You need it for sanity and health. It’s ok to take the cape off. 

The kids are gone so mom is relaxing! Drink Responsibly! Don’t drink and Drive!!

My night is tonight! My relaxation kit includes: Tacos, Fireball, Cream Soda, Vodka, Daiquiri mix, and water. I have season three of Salem going on Netflix and my feet up. My cape is off for the next hour or so and my sanity is slowly coming back. It’s ok, tonight I don’t feel guilty. I feel like I’m recharging my super mom powers. 


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