It’s the small Victories! 

When my kids father and I were together and things got bad my children were there for most of it. Every tear, fight and door slam they were there. However, sober dad was real great and he had a bond with our son like no other. So when I finally had enough and we broke up it affected Dj differently than it did the girls. For the last 3 years between the last stage of the relationship and us not being together at all, Dj has struggled emotionally and his grades at school reflect that struggle. 

Dj is behind his grade slightly and because of it his confidence has wavered. In 1st grade I reached out to the school but felt pushed to the side. Last year his 2nd grade teacher reached out to me and we started a long process of evaluations, interventions and coaching sessions to try and catch him up. 

This year has been difficult. Dj has gone through an emotional rollercoaster, from us moving back to my dads and him not seeing his dad. But my boy has not given up. He has an IEP plan and we have buckled down on the books, downloaded apps and we have succeeded!!! 

This is the text I received from his teacher today! I am so proud. He came from behind and is now ahead. This is a tremendous achievement and if you could’ve seen his face it would’ve melted your heart. He worked hard and deserves this. After so many trying times and disappointments it’s the small victories that make a tremendous difference. 

We had to celebrate for him today. Took him to CiCi’s pizza and bought him a new toy. This isn’t the final test to show where his grade is going to stand or the end of grade test, but it is a small victory. I’m so excited and proud of him. It’s great to see his smile coming back. I love this journey of growth we are on and I know it’s going to be hard but these small victories let me know that I am on the right track.


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5 Things I hate about Carpool!

I truly have a love/ hate relationship with the carpool line at school! Honestly, the convenience of getting the kids right after school instead of waiting for the bus, is wonderful. I can grab them and get home 10 minutes after school lets out.  We get home, finish homework, play, start dinner and get ready for bed all within the short 4 hours we have after school. However there are days like today that I wish I didn’t have to be in this stupid line!!! These are my top 5 reasons for hating carpool line!

  1. The length of time I have to wait- Carpool Line is tricky it’s like if you’re not here an hour ahead of time the line is way up to the street. ( my kids school is a mile off the road). On the other hand if you come an hour early YOU HAVE TO WAIT AN HOUR IN A CAR TO GET YOUR CHILDREN. Wasting Gas or dying of cold/heat cause the Office nazi is going to come out and tell you that you can’t leave your car running. They don’t want the fumes! 😳
  2. Radio’s – For some reason people feel the need to share what is on their radio with the rest of us in the carpool line. I love music but how much bass and rhythms and talk radio can one take.
  3. People trying to get out of parking spaces- Why oh why did you pick this specific time to try and weave your way out of the carpool line!? I feel like Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home! Just please stay in the cones! There is a system here people.
  4. Takes forever to load the kids- Seriously People just let the kids jump in and go. Why are we having conversations? Can we not do this over the phone? Walk into the building and request a chat. Please just load the child and go.
  5.  Acknowledging the fact nobody pays attention in life- I promise if you want to feel insignificant in life you need to go through the carpool line. No matter how many times, days or weeks you are in this line you will be reduced to a number or asked a million times who are you. No lie! I have told this man at least 20 times who I am and who I am here for. Never fails though, he never remembers.

Next year my kids will be on the bus. For my own health and sanity we will be taking advantage of the school transportation system. However, don’t quote me on it because I’m sure my minions will con me into driving them back and forth again!


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