Welcome to Balanced Hysteria.  This is my first attempt at blog writing so please bear with me.  My name is Victoria ( I am sure you know that by now).  I am a 29 (almost 30) year old single mother of two children.  My son DJ is eight and my daughter, Peanut is what I call her, is six.  Before them I acquired their sisters as my step daughters and even though I am no longer with their father, whom I refer to quit often as the donor, they are still my girls and I am very active in their lives.  The oldest, Mya, is 17 and last but certainly not least is Dinesty who is 12 years old.  My four kids and I love every moment of being their mother (step), even when they are being jerks.

I am new to the single life.  I have been with their father since I was 19 years old.  Now I am knocking at 30 and having to start life all the way over.  I lost my house, my car, and pretty sure my sanity a few months ago and packed my babies up and moved back home! (yea I did that) I wallowed in self-pity and depression for few months, but have since decided that life doesn’t stop moving just because your relationship failed.  I still have kids to take care of and the relationship, unfortunately, the relationship ended for them as well.  So with my new improved attitude and happy meds we are beginning a journey to finding the balance in the hysteria!

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to share it with the world.  I am an over-sharer so by the time you get through a complete month with me I am sure you’ll feel like you have known me all my life.  I am not a great writer and have the tendency to write like I am talking to you.  So if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to share them with me.  I have my contact information listed ( I hope) all over the page.  I love to talk to everyone, discussions make me happy, so I will be super interactive.

Thank you for taking the time out to check out my site and read my post! I look forward to this journey!

~ Victoria~




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